If your situation changes?


If you marry, you will share more with each other on a personal and financial level, including your pension. What has been arranged and what more can you do?

What has been arranged?

Your partner is automatically entitled to partner's pension if you die.

The partner's pension arranged through us is an insurance policy covering your death. Your partner is entitled to partner's pension as long as you are still employed. If you leave the company or retire, your partner is no longer entitled to partner’s pension. You can prevent this when you retire. With the capital that you have accrued in the supplementary scheme, you can then purchase a retirement pension including partner's pension from a bank or insurer of your choice. If you were already employed by your employer on 31 December 2010, you can also exchange part of your retirement pension for a partner's pension when you retire.

How much will your partner receive?

The pension overview states how much partner's pension we will provide for your partner. You can view your personal pension overview online in Mijn Pensioencijfers (My Pension Figures).

What do you have to do?

No action is required on your part. We will automatically receive your partner’s data from the municipality.

If you get married abroad, please send us an authenticated copy of your marriage certificate. If you get married abroad, but you reside in the Netherlands, you must register your marriage at the municipality. We will then automatically receive your partner’s data from the municipality.

What else can you arrange?

You can ensure that your partner receives a higher income after you die. You can take out insurance yourself for this purpose.