If your situation changes?

Other job

If you are starting out for yourself or working elsewhere, then your pension accrual with us will stop. What happens to your pension depends on the amount of the accrued pension when you leave the company. This amount is shown on the pension statement that you receive when you leave the company. You can also log in to the secure environment Mijn Pensioencijfers (My Pension Figures) or the national pension website www.mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl for an up-to-date overview of your pension.

1) Your pension is less than € 520,35 (2022)

We automatically transfer the retirement pension you have accrued with our pension fund until you leave the company to your new pension fund or insurer. In that case, it automatically goes with you to your new job. We check whether you are accruing pension elsewhere each year after you leave the company:

  • If so, we will transfer your pension. No action is required on your part. Your new pension fund or insurer will report how much pension you have accrued under the pension scheme of that fund or insurer.
  • If you do not accrue pension through a new job, your pension will remain with us and a year later we will check again whether your situation has changed.
  • We do this for five years. If the pension is still with us after that period, we will send you a letter asking whether you want us to pay the pension in a single payment.

2) Your pension is higher than € 520,35 (2022)

You continue to be entitled to the pension (i.e. the pension capital) that you have accrued with us. A new annual Uniform Pension Statement of Pensura is available for you online in Mijn Pensioencijfers. This is also sent to you personally every five years. This personal pension overview informs you of how much pension (i.e. capital) you and any dependants are entitled to through us.

What can you do?

If you have found another job in salaried employment, you can transfer your pension capital to your new pension fund or pension insurance company. This is called value transfer.

We cannot determine whether or not it is advisable for you to transfer your pension. Consider the following in your decision:

  • What type of pension scheme applies at your new pension fund or employer (final salary or average earnings scheme, defined contribution agreement)?
  • How is the pension incremented?
  • What is the financial situation of the pension fund (what is its coverage ratio)?
  • What choices do you have within your pension scheme?

Pension comparison tool

Pension schemes differ from each other. In order to be able to choose the best option for your accrued pension, you can compare the pension schemes. The Pensioenvergelijker (Pension comparison tool) can help you with this. Download the Pension comparison tool and answer the questions.

Requesting a value transfer

If you are considering transferring your pension, submit your value transfer request to your new pension fund once you have started your new job. The financial position of your new pension fund as well as ours must be good; otherwise value transfer is not possible.

What else can you do?

If you start your own business, you must organise your own pension from now on. You cannot transfer the pension that you have accrued with us.

Information for you

When you leave your job, you will receive an information set from us. Amongst other things, this contains an overview of the pension (i.e. pension capital) that you have accrued with us and an option form. For instance, would you like to exchange part of your old-age pension for an extra partner's pension? You can indicate your choices using this option form.