Privacy statement

The pension fund reserves the right to amend this privacy statement, which is dated 1 April 2018. We recommend that you consult this privacy statement regularly.

We, the pension fund, and our administrator AZL need you to provide some personal data so that we can operate and administer your pension as well as possible. We collate, use, and store your personal data. We refer to this as ‘processing’ your personal data. This data includes your home address, salary, and marital status. We process your personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (the ‘GDPR’). We explain below how we do this. 

Privacy statement FAQ

  • Whose personal data do we process?

    We process the personal data of:

    • all participants (and others with entitlements and benefits) of the pension fund
    • pension fund employees
    • all website visitors
    • anyone who contacts us

    From whom, and how, do we obtain personal data?

    • from you if, for example, you send us an e-mail, telephone us, complete a contact form, or visit the website;
    • from your employer, including your salary data, and part-time percentage. We obtain all information and personal data necessary for the correct operation and administration of your pension. Your information and personal data will be supplied in a secure environment;
    • from government and semi-public sector bodies, such as the municipality in which you live in order to obtain your current address or the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) if you are to any extent incapacitated for work.
  • What personal data do we process?
    • name
    • home address
    • date of birth
    • sex
    • marital status
    • if you are married or in a registered partnership, we also process your partner’s personal data
    • financial information, such as your salary and accrued and/or payable pension
    • BSN (citizen service number)

    Where relevant, we also process:

    • data concerning your partner if you cohabit and your partner has registered with the pension fund
    • data concerning incapacity for work, such as the percentage to which you are incapacitated 
    • your telephone number 
    • your e-mail address 
    • your consent if you wish to receive our newsletter
  • Why, and on what basis, do we process your personal data?

    We process your personal data so that we can operate and administer your pension as well as possible. To be able to process your personal data, we need to conform to various principles. To process your data, we conform to the following principles:

    • Statutory obligations; these are obligations imposed by, for example:
      • the Pensions Act
      • the Equalisation of Pension Rights in the Event of a Divorce Act
    • Performance of a contract; these are obligations arising from, for example:
      • the pension contract (the agreement between you and your employer)
      • the administration contract (the agreement between your employer and the pension fund)
      • the pension scheme (the scheme that applies between you and the pension fund)

    In addition, we can occasionally process your personal data on the basis of:

    • your consent
    • a justified interest (for example, if this is necessary for conducting daily business or the day-to-day management of the pension fund)
    • the performance/compliance with contractual and other obligations/agreed terms.
  • To whom do we supply personal data?

    If it is necessary, we will supply your personal data to various parties. The parties to whom we will send your personal data depends on the situation; for instance:

    • internal supply to employees of the pension fund and to employees of our administrator, and supply between the pension fund and its administrator
    • supervisory bodies such as De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), the Dutch Authority for Financial Markets (AFM), and the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP)
    • the Dutch Tax and Customs Authority
    • the National Pensions Register
    • other governmental and semi-public sector bodies such as Statistics Netherlands (CBS) and the UWV
    • third parties that we engage in order to operate and administer your pension as well as possible.
  • How is your personal data secured?

    Your personal data must be properly secured. This is something that we your pension fund and the pension administrator take very seriously. We therefore take technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data, such as measures to prevent cybercrime or the deletion, loss, or other unlawful processing of your personal data. These measures comply as a minimum with the general requirements that apply to data protection. We assess these measures at regular intervals and update them where necessary.

    We have also agreed terms with both internal and external parties regarding the confidentiality and security of your personal data.

    Processing outside the European Union

    Only in exceptional circumstances might your personal data be processed by an organisation in a country outside the European Union. In any such case, appropriate additional measures will be taken to ensure compliance with European standards for the protection of personal data under the General Data Protection Regulation.

  • How long will your personal data be stored for?

    We process your personal data to enable us to operate and administer your pension as well as possible. We will store your personal data for as long as we need it for such purpose.

    Furthermore, we comply with the statutory regulations governing storage periods. If we no longer need your personal data for the purpose for which we obtained it, and there is no statutory storage period, then we will cease to process your personal data and we will therefore delete them.

  • What are your rights?

    The law gives you certain rights that you can exercise with regard to organisations that process your personal data:

    • the right of access by the data subject
    • the right to rectification
    • the right to erasure (also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’)
    • the right to restriction of processing
    • the right to data portability
    • the right to object

    You can seek to exercise these rights. If you wish to do so, please contact us. You should send your request in writing, specifying the right(s) you wish to exercise. We will always respond.

  • Do cookies affect your privacy?

    This website utilises cookies. There are various types of cookies. Functional cookies are necessary for the pension fund website to function properly. We always send these cookies and they have no impact on your privacy. We only send cookies that do have an effect on your privacy, such as analytical cookies, if you give your consent for this via the pension fund website the first time you visit. You will find more information about the use of cookies on the website.

  • Any questions?

    If you have any questions about how we process your personal data, please get in touch.