How much will you receive?

Do the pension check

Naturally, you would like to know whether you are accruing enough pension. There are two ways of checking your pension yourself:

1. Logging into Mijn Pensioencijfers (My Pension Figures)

Mijn Pensioencijfers (My Pension Figures) is an online environment in which you can check your pension and make changes yourself. You can log in with your DigiD. In Mijn Pensioencijfers (My Pension Figures) you can see at a glance how much pension you have accrued with us, for yourself and for any surviving dependants.

Mijn Pensioencijfers (My Pension Figures) will also show you:

  • the details for you and your partner (if applicable)
  • the pension that you can reach with us if your situation remains unchanged
  • your Uniform Pension Overview

2. Visit

For a complete overview of your pension, go to You can log in with your DigiD. You can then see the following at a glance:

  • your state pension (AOW) from the Dutch government
  • how much pension you have accrued and with which pension fund or pension insurer
  • what your surviving dependants will receive in the event of your death

Any questions?

If anything about your pension with us is not entirely clear or if you have other questions about your pension, please contact us. We are familiar with all the details of your pension scheme and would be happy to help you.