If your situation changes?

Separation and divorce

You have decided to separate. This is a difficult situation that can also affect your pension if you were married or in a registered partnership. Rules apply to the division of retirement pension. These rules are laid down in the Equalisation of Pension Rights in the Event of a Divorce Act (Wet Verevening pensioenrechten bij scheiding). You may also deviate from the Act by making different arrangements.

What has been arranged?

Two matters are arranged in the Act.

  1. Your ex-partner will receive a special partner's pension after you die.
  2. Your ex-partner is entitled to half of the retirement pension that you accrued during the relationship.

1. Partner’s pension

The special partner’s pension is arranged automatically. If your ex-partner decides to waive it, he/she will not receive any pension from us after you die. If your ex-partner decides to do this, you should send us a letter with the statement of your ex-partner. You and your ex-partner must both sign this letter.

2. Retirement pension

You and your ex-partner must share your retirement pensions equally. Complete the form that you find in Mijn Pensioencijfers (My Pension Figures) and send it together with a copy of the divorce agreement. If you do this within two years of your separation, your ex-partner will later receive his or her share of the retirement pension directly from us and/or from the insurer of bank from which you have purchased a retirement pension with your accrued capital. If you wait longer than two years, your ex-partner must request his/her share from you when you retire. If your ex-partner dies, you will receive your full retirement pension again.

Other arrangements

You can also make other arrangements:

  • not half each, but a different division
  • not the pension that accrued during the marriage or registered partnership, but over a different period
  • or a combination of 1 and 2

If you and your partner wish to make different arrangements regarding the division of retirement pension, you decide together what you find reasonable within the statutory limits. You must both agree to the decisions. Please also notify us of these decisions within two years by using the form.