If your situation changes?


In the event of your death, we arrange an income for your partner and any children.

Do the surviving dependants need to inform us of anything?

If you live in the Netherlands, that is not necessary. In the event of your death, the municipality will inform us. If you are living outside the Netherlands at the time of your death, you surviving dependants will need to inform us of your death. They can do so by sending us a letter.

What provisions are made for your surviving dependants?

Your partner is entitled to a  partner's pension   from us. Your children are entitled to an orphans’ pension .

Your partner and children may further be entitled to a government benefit under the Surviving Dependants Act ( ANW ). The conditions can be obtained from the  Social Insurance Bank .

How much will your surviving dependants receive?

The amount of the partner's pension and orphan's pension is shown on the Uniform Pension Overview (UPO). This is your personal pension overview. You receive this overview from us every year. Go to  Mijn Pensioencijfers  (My Pension Figures) and view your pension overview online.
If you have accrued pension elsewhere too? Log in at 
www.mijnpensioenoverzicht.nl   for an overview of your pension throughout your career.